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The Ultimate Difference Between Water Based and Waterproof Mascara

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Living in a country where beauty matters I personally take time and effort to make myself beautiful. Whether it would be on makeup or fashion. Going out would mean going out beautifully (from head to toe!). Girls like me will never go out without our make-up kit which means plenty of cosmetics such as lipsticks, foundation, cream, blush on, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and much more on the list. For me, Lipstick, Foundation, and Mascara would be a good to go.

Mascara can intensify your eyes through bolder and longer eyelashes. It can also emphasize the appearance of your face. There are two commonly types of mascara which are Water Based, Mascara and Waterproof Mascara. Let’s Explore the differences of Water Based Mascara and Waterproof Mascara.


Water Based Mascara:

  • It is easier to apply and remove
  • It has natural potential hydrogen (pH) levels
  • It doesn’t contain much chemicals and additives
  • It can be removed with mascara remover or soap and water
  • It dries faster
  • It won’t cause clump or stick effect
  • It is ideal for people who are looking for natural eye makeup alternatives
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It doesn’t harm the length of your eyelashes
  • It is resistant to oil and sweat
  • It is recommended for people living in hot and humid environments


Waterproof Mascara or Oil Based Mascara:


  • It is long lasting and smudge resistant
  • It enhances the volume of your eyelashes
  • It doesn’t have to be reapplied as often
  • It is resistant to water and tears
  • It lengthens and thicken your eyelashes
  • It is recommended for swimming


The consumption of mascara varies from the user or the person who will use the product. In my case, I personally use Water Based Mascara as it is made mostly with natural ingredients and won’t be harmful to me. Also, It is recommended to be used by people who have sensitive eyes and it is easily removed with warm water. So it doesn’t really matter whether you buy it on the high-end market or in a local brand. You just need to know what type of mascara will be appropriate for you!



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